I’ve got to get my sons and me out of the house! The pandemic quarantine takes its toll. I need some Pandemic Family Outing ideas. We got a bit of a mobility issue, so long hikes on the precious few Texas public lands are mostly out. We also have a growing Adolescent Apathy problem. And you can only go fishing so many times with the one son that will not go.



I need a recreational therapist.


Elias on one of the many devices, a Switch


Emmons and Zeus playing yet another video game.

Please, Place any Pandemic Family Outing ideas in the comments below.  The Ratliff Boyz would be most appreciative.

I love pointless road trips. I’m pretty sure I can convince the Boyz to set out on one.  Post any Road Trip from Fort Worth in the comments below.



 Ratliff Boyz Barriers to Treatment 

  • Dad maybe just a tad itsy bitsy teenie weenie smidge bit overweight.
  • They’re experiencing some adolescent apathy.
  • They live in North Texas.
  • They live in North Texas.

I thought about a road trip to Cadillac Ranch. An eleven-hour round trip would be just a bit outside our range. 


Okay, y’all, we all know there is more to that Latin aphorism, “Physician, heal thyself,” than just the surface interpretation to avoid hypocrisy by making sure you’re faultless before criticizing another. Physicians really can’t and shouldn’t treat themselves, nor should a 30-year veteran recreational therapist. I’m just too close to the situation. 

That is the reason I ask for help.

“Hit It!

Please, post any family outing ideas post in the comments.