Mom bred Great Dane puppies with Moose and Gypsy

Marla & me with the Great Dane, Moose

She could always see beauties 

February 9, 2010

Life‘s Beauties

I have looked disappointment

In the face, and

Salty tears have streaked my cheeks

With black mascara.

Yet, I have seen Gypsy’s

Harlequin pups, and

Wipe the afterbirth

From a pinkish white kitten.

In my blue dotted Swiss dress,

I posed for an Easter snapshot

While I clutched my dad‘s hand.

I stood under a bright street light

And giggled as my grandfather

Kissed Helen and gave her

A twinkling diamond.

Etched in my memory is a picture

Of a white Casper face, and

When the mask was gone, the

Smile stayed the same.

I remember a little flower girl

In pink discoing to “The Wedding March,”

And counting those in attendance.

Erased are the bitter disappointment.

I have seen such beauty.



By Donna S. LaFollette