Dear Friends’ Blogs I follow:

Friends’ Blog № 1

Andrew C. Jerman

~ Andrew is the dearest of dear friends, “chosen family” I would call him. I’ve known Andrew since we were both trying to pad our grades by taking an algebra 1 course during our first semester at Purdue. Even though we both received straight A’s on all the tests, the TA held quizzes on Football Saturdays which we missed causing both of us to get a D in the course. Anyway, I could go on and on about Andrew, weddings, travel, classes, family, Dead concerts, etc. But, the cold hard fact that he makes this list is simply he has made himself into one of the best damn luthiers specializing in electric mandolines in the country. He works mostly on commission but has several instruments for sale all the time. From time to time, he has drifted into the occasional electric guitars, ukuleles, or acoustic mandolins. Here is the link to his website.


Friends’ Blog № 2

Brian Wringer

 ~ Brian, a former watermelon farmer, has been a close buddy of mine since we worked together in a psychiatric hospital trying to pay for college. We traveled the country together, camped out of the “Off-Road Datsun” (a 1980 Datsun 280 ZX), brew batches and batches of beer, and once dated the same woman at the same time. The funny thing about all that, we argued only on how to divide up the beers, and when I accidentally dumped oil from a sardine can onto the Off-Road Datsun. He is a talented musician, playing bass guitar and lead guitar. He has performed in many local cover bands. He has a passion for riding motorcycles, even after two accidents. On most weekends, he organizing rides for other motorcycle enthusiasts. He’s worked for iDiz Inc., a marketing firm specializing in a credit union, for going on 27 years as Web Projects Manager. He writes on a credit union’s professional site. Here is his first post on “ Web accessibility for credit unions.

Friends’ Blog № 3


Jeanne Bedwell

~ “Ms. Bedwell” was a family friend long before she taught me Senior English.  Jeanne Bedwell taught in the same language arts department, with my mother early in their careers, and they both taught in the same school system for damn near three decades. Her sons were the same ages as my sister and me.  Jimmy, her oldest, was the Valedictorian of our class. I made a deal with him during each science class we had.  I would do all the dishes and clean up; he’d have to write up the notes and answer the quizzes.  That bumped up my science grades by at least 10 points. Oops, I digressed.  Jeanne writes a lot about family history and genealogy. This is super cool as its also a kind of history of my small hometown.,  Her father, long before I was a pup, was the minister of the church I attended for the first 20 years of my life.  Good reads.


Friends’ Blog № 4


BirdBrain Sisters

“Robin Hartman is the kind of gal your mom nods toward as a silent, “I told you so.” Moms never actually have to speak their disappointment in a son’s spousal choice. Just pointing out a woman that’s got it together says, “you should have listened to me.” 

~ I posted that on Twitter once about one-half of this blog writing duo. Robin is a maternally biased, feminine homemaker type, like Martha Stewart before her time in the big house.  Usually, that girly suburban saccharin makes me dyspeptic.  But, in Robin’s case, it’s kind of attractive as there is a hint of Martha after she served her time.  The truth is Robin can be hilarious.  Their blog’s prose is worth a read, and the artwork is magnificent, which I assume showcases the other bird-brained sibling’s talent. I am trying to be the Snoop Dogg to Robin’s Martha Stewart!

Friends’ Blog № 5

Kelly’s Shoe Box

 ~ Kelly a high school classmate friend of mine. I had a minor crush on her in high school.  I sat behind her in speech class.  She wore many paisleys, and I got in the habit of counting the swirls, which caused me to develop into a bit of paisleyophile (I’m also an Anglophile, but I don’t know why).  More importantly, she’s a talented photographer and an amazing educator. It’s been a while since she posted regularly, but her posts haven’t staled, so it’s worthwhile to explore the older stuff, her first post.