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A piece of Mom’s Writing

I was cleaning out and organizing some very old computer files.  I was in a file that backup of an old Mac PowerBook G4/400 (Titanium). It was one of the first Titaniums. Man! I liked that laptop, I stopped using it sometime around 2006.  The file was so obscure that I found it nested in a backup file of an old Dell laptop that I also no longer use.  You can see the file path in the photo above. But, there was a lone Word doc in a lone file titled “Mom’s writings.” My mother, Donna LaFollette, died May 11, 2018.  My mom wrote.  Here is a link to her obituary. 


I open and read the brief poem.  I decided to share it after a 45-minute cry.  The poem’s theme of grief just made the experience that much more.  I would like to share I’d like to share it with you.  I have no date.  It might be one that has been published. I don’t know. She wrote a lot.  One thing, I would like to do is do a memorial or posthumous blog made up of mom’s writings.  It would be tough to do.  

Whirled upward swirling my mind in fall colors
And memories of lost loves.
The yellow and orange hues filled me with emptiness.
Musty smells brought to mind those gone.
The crisp air warned of the cold deadness ahead
When all love fades into icy whiteness and painful loss.

Me, Mom, and the Boyz
Me, Mom, and the Boyz


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