It’s possible to support us without even spending a penny. Engaging in community discussions around posts and videos the best way to support us.  Building a community is our main goal.  Below is a list that starts with the most helpful thing you can possibly do and includes free and easy ideas that keep the family trekking-on. Read on, and thanks!

Give Us Feedback

Give Elias and Michael feedback.  We would love to hear what you want to see from us, receive your guidance and ideas about what we are trying to accomplish. We respond to suggestions, ideas, requests, and whatnot. 

Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel! That was then the initial motivation for starting a social media presence, to learn to build a YouTube Channel to monetize.  As of February 24, 2021, we have zero subscribers and one video up.  How fast can we get 1,000 subscribers?

Our Store

We’ve been experimenting with a store. Right now we are using Bonfire and have some clothing and a supporters’ coffee mug.  We are working on providing a more personal store directly for us.  Until then buying something from the Bonfire store helps us greatly.  

Subscribe to Newsletter and Blog

Click above to get signed up for our newsletter by subscribing to our blog. There are so many reasons to do this: YouTube doesn’t send notifications anymore, we’ll send notices to new blog posts and videos, We’re going to do live events and want you to come. Plus, we’re going to have some VIP insider stuff in the coming year.


The best way you can help support the financing of the project at the moment is by becoming a patron of ours on Patreon. It’s like being a monthly donor for public radio —and it supports us in exactly the same way. We can confidently make purchasing and budgeting decisions about our projects thanks to our Patreon supporters at every tier.

Plus, you’ll not only be able to be a part of a project you love but also have the opportunity to get a gift of thanks in return. The financial benefit for us is at its maximum and most direct.