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I’ve got to get my sons and me out of the house! The pandemic quarantine takes its toll. I need some Pandemic Family Outing ideas. We got a bit of a mobility issue, so long hikes on the precious few Texas public lands are mostly out. We also have a growing Adolescent Apathy problem. And you can only go fishing so many times with the one son that will not go.



I need a recreational therapist.


Elias on one of the many devices, a Switch


Emmons and Zeus playing yet another video game.

Please, Place any Pandemic Family Outing ideas in the comments below.  The Ratliff Boyz would be most appreciative.

I love pointless road trips. I’m pretty sure I can convince the Boyz to set out on one.  Post any Road Trip from Fort Worth in the comments below.



 Ratliff Boyz Barriers to Treatment 

  • Dad maybe just a tad itsy bitsy teenie weenie smidge bit overweight.
  • They’re experiencing some adolescent apathy.
  • They live in North Texas.
  • They live in North Texas.

I thought about a road trip to Cadillac Ranch. An eleven-hour round trip would be just a bit outside our range. 


Okay, y’all, we all know there is more to that Latin aphorism, “Physician, heal thyself,” than just the surface interpretation to avoid hypocrisy by making sure you’re faultless before criticizing another. Physicians really can’t and shouldn’t treat themselves, nor should a 30-year veteran recreational therapist. I’m just too close to the situation. 

That is the reason I ask for help.

“Hit It!

Please, post any family outing ideas post in the comments.

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December 28, 2020 5:36 PM

Hey Michael! I have some suggestions you could try. I’m from CO so I don’t know quite how things work down there in Texas. Here’s what I’ve got for you:
– Jackbox games you can play with the boys
– Flashlight tag
– Airbnb even if it’s close the change of scenery for the weekend will help
– Learn a new skill/game together (mine was playing chess)
– Virtual reality games
– Scavenger hunts
– Snow or water sports (not sure of the weather there)
– Kiwico (boxes for things the kids can create)

I hope one of these ideas are helpful to you. While not all of them involve being outside, they will break up the monotony of the Covid routine. I hope this helps you some.

Amy S.
Amy S.
December 28, 2020 5:53 PM

Hi, so I have a teenage son in north Texas as well…(and a toddler girl) my toddler would live outside if we let her, but to get my son outside we finally got him a basketball hoop…he loves to play that when outside watching his sister. We have had issues with video games being the main source of entertainment as well, but maybe like to ther post said…learning new hobbie together like “treasure hunting” investing in a cheaper metal detector or something, or bird watching may be boring, but make a game out of it who can spot the most types of birds get prize of choice…I know my son is super competitive and so are most kids in the teen range so making anything a competition might help, road trips to maybe corpus or beach area might work, Tulsa isn’t too far away has some cool attractions. Hope some of this helps, this pandemic is really hard on the kids ?

Marji Morris
Marji Morris
January 3, 2021 9:28 PM

Go get lost. Really. Take a car trip where you make the first few decisions about direction to get the crew out into the boonies. Then the boys and you take turns deciding turn left, turn right or go straight at each intersection. No GPS allowed and no turning around allowed.