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Wow, yesterday, I received the most traffic to this blog ever. 

All I did was to post a link on Facebook to a piece of Mom’s writing.

Thank you all for honoring my mother.  She had many strong friends who loved her.

I started this blog primarily to improve my feeble web hosting skills before striking-out with projects that require mush polish like a professional Résumé page, a business page, and a monetized page for Elias.  Elias really has a desire to earn money as a social media maven and internet celebrity.  However, he doesn’t have any web hosting skills.  I want to be a supportive father and I dream about working a family business with my sons. Plus an income from electronic media would be a most welcomed thing.  I had tried my hand a bit in the past with a web page for an old business of mine.  I could only stumble through that with huge guidance from a long time friend and former watermelon farmer turned marketing media guru Brian Wringer

I really expect no one to have any interest in my musings.  I never actually had any real blog visitors, and I have never ever had any who actually left comments. Getting visitors and comments was an awesome new experience for me. Even more so, since it honored my mother.  The traffic inspired me to clean up the blog a little more with a much better comment presentation, an actual Privacy Policy, many more photos, and a few new page layouts.  I still don’t expect excitement about my writing, but I see the love and respect for my mother still causes people to want some contact with her. So, I’ll continue to post her writings as I acquire them.   I’m trying to get my dad and sister to help me gather her writing and might even develop a posthumous blog for mom.  

In response to the folks viewing these posts, I added a Series of Five Poems, written by Mom, first published in Calliope –12th Annual Anthology of Women Who Write, Volume XII, 2006. Now, this may be brazen pandering to my audience, but it’s nice to get real visitors that read something for a change. Plus (and I know this is cheating), it’s far easier to post content already written by someone else than to write original content myself. Yet, it is a start to expanding this site, and, most importantly, it honors my mother. 

Series of Five Poems by my Mom:

Entry 1 – Hunkered Down
Entry 2 – Grandma
Entry 3 – Birth
Entry 4 – Harvest of the Night
Entry 5 – I Know Something About You

All of Mom’s Writings

Again, thank you all.  

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