Boulevard Brew, a wee bit of Fort Worth Nirvana!

OH!  My God!  Woo-hoo!   I might have found a place where I belong in Fort Worth, Texas!   A fantastic find for the rejuvenation of my soul!   My review of Boulevard Brew A coffee house in River Oaks, Texas. Yes, I finally unearthed a wee bit of Fort Worth Nirvana.  It has taken […]


Knocked out of the Holiday Dodgesong Game – Not a Wonderful Christmastime!

      This year, I got knocked out on November 11th! That is a record (pun intended). John Tarman and I play a holiday game every year starting about now. It’s called Dodgesong. But I’m already out, out as of November 11th while innocently walking through a Walmart parking lot.   Holiday Dodgesong Game […]


The Evil Queen Sacrifice, Die in Eight Moves – Hopelessly Mediocre Chess

You may know, my online chess rating hovered around 1300 for decades, “Hopelessly Mediocre Chess.” No matter which website or app I used, I was about a 1300 player, give or take. Then, a few months back, Emmons won a very long streak of games, beating me soundly time after time. I discovered he was […]


Fun game – Hopelessly Mediocre Chess

Fun Game on   Just had an entertaining game against the Pirc Defense, admittedly sloppy opening for me. Yet, my pawn push on move 16  for the discovered check, queen capture, and pawn promotion felt genius.     


A Tribute to Fathers – A Father’s Day Homily

What is your best Father’s Day Gift – Given or Received? My best Father’s Day Gift was when my mother gave a homily for the Salem Presbyterian Church titled A Tribute to Fathers and mentioned me.  It was very moving, and since she called my stepfather and me out specifically, it causes me to cry […]


Protected: The Post with No Title

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.


Mom’s Journal Entry about a visit from Emmons

In Light of Emmons’ Graduation yesterday, I’d like to publish a journal entry I found of my mother’s. I dearly wish she could have been there. 8/10/11 Wow! What a day! Emmons flew in from Oregon today as an unaccompanied minor. My head told me he would be fine – but my heart wouldn’t let […]


Proud Dad Moment with Saccharine Gasconade

          Warning   Warning   Warning • THIS PROUD DAD MOMENT CONTAINS GRAPHIC AND BRAGGADOCIOUS MATERIAL. • IT MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR ALL AUDIENCES! • IT COULD CAUSE DYSPEPSIA FROM SACCHARINE GASCONADE.   I used to Facebook post crowing items about my sons’ stuff to help communicate what was going […]


Fantastically Complicated Improvised Path From 5th Grade to Purdue Campus Visit!

Boiler Up! Elias! Next week my youngest son, Elias, is doing his first campus visit as a high school student researching which college to attend. He recently watched his older brother make a prosaic and apathetic college search, only to acquiesce to their mother’s choice of colleges.  Don’t get me wrong, Emmons will have an […]


Sleeping on a Jet Plane… with bad ’80s hair!

My first air travel experience took place in December 1988. I was on winter break of my sophomore year at Purdue University feeling pretty mature with a bushy mullet, preppy sweaters, sockless boat shoes, and a wool topcoat.  My whole family (newly blended because of mom’s remarriage to Bill LaFollette the year before) was headed […]